News – What Are The Most Popular PC Gaming Clients in Use Today

It used to be so simple. Launch steam, find the game you want, buy it, play it. Things have got a whole lot more complicated since 2005. Steam is still the dominant force in PC gaming, undoubtedly, but plenty of competitors have been springing up, both as vanilla storefronts or publishers waking up and realising they don’t want to give a 30% cut to Valve from every game they sell.

If you’re an active Overwatch, Battlefield, PUBG, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege player, you may find yourself having to navigate a complex web of no fewer than five game clients. Each has different log-in details, different accounts and different friends list, making switching between them a bit of a pain in the arse. It’s in their interests to make it a pain in the arse though, as the more embedded a player becomes, the more difficult it is to leave.

At this point in time, ardent PC gamers may find themselves with a cluttered desktop that includes the likes of Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Uplay,, Epic Launcher, Bethesda Launcher, Twitch, Windows Store, and Itch, to name but a few, and Discord is sure to get in on the party shortly.

Most of the biggest publishers have abandoned ship from Steam, and we suspect more are going to follow suit. It’s only a matter of time until Bethesda and Ubisoft also make big attempts to launch solely on their respective platforms. The dream of having all our PC games in one place is long dead.

But, and I think this is true for a lot of folks, some people are very adamant that they only want their games in one place. That if a game releases on a particular platform, they’d prefer to pretend it just exist rather than install the Epic Launcher, or Origin, or whatever it is.

So we’re getting the feelers out there for just how popular each PC gaming client is, and whether you choose to avoid any gaming clients in particular. At the end of it, we should know which are the most popular PC gaming clients in use today.

For me personally, I’ve got Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay, Epic and Bethesda Launcher installed, as well as access to the Windows Store. I’m also not particularly fussed which of these a game releases on, I’m just keen to play the game.

Get voting in the poll below, and you can also vote multiple times to account for all of the PC gaming clients you use. Try not to cheat and vote for Steam ten times though!

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