News – What Are You Playing This Weekend – July 2018 Edition

The sun’s blaring down and my PC sounds like a jet engine whenever I turn it on. The two weeks of the British Summer are well and truly here. We’ll spend most it having a cup of tea and complaining about the heat. And then, before you know it, the rain will be pouring down and it’ll all be over. And then we’ll have another cup of tea and complain about the miserable weather.

Despite the scorching weather though we do we what we must. We game. It’s a tremendously quiet month of releases though, making it perfect for delving into the backlog in browsing through the Steam sale.

Jon – I’m not going to lie to you. By the time you read this, I’m going to be sitting by a swimming pool with a nice cool glass of Birra Moretti. But, me being me, I suspect I’ll also find time to squeeze in a bit of gaming during the mornings of my holiday. I’m taking my Switch over, although having finished Hollow Knight I found myself without anything to play on the ruddy thing.

I’ve been looking forward to Octopath Traveler for yonks, and obviously, it had to come out while I’m on holiday. My plan was always to get Mario Tennis Aces, but reviews citing a lack of single-player put me off. Instead, I’ve decided to pick up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, a bundle of all three Shovel Knight chapters that looks as if it should have oodles of retro-style platforming fun. Now I’ve just got to hope I don’t royally suck at it as I do with Mega Man.

Felix – I have been eyeballing Pillars of Eternity 2 lately, keen for my next RPG fix. But the fact that it will take a lot of time to dedicate towards it is stopping me from making the leap. What do you guys say? Should I grab a copy and take the plunge into its sprawling adventure-y depths or is there something else you would advise in that genre before it?

Other than that I grabbed God of War on the PS4 but again haven’t found enough time to dedicate towards it yet. It feels a little more punishing than I am used to, taking a leaf out of Dark Souls book, to get the player to feel like they are earning their way through the game. The problem with that, for time-poor people like me, is that I get beaten a couple of times and then shelve the game for a bit. But every time I rethink to give it another go I think, “hmm it will take a while to get any further forward, so maybe I will play it later”. And then later comes and I think the same again, and so never do play it.

I can sense some of you shouting, just lower the difficulty from ‘Normal’ to ‘Weak BOY’, but, well I guess I can’t bring myself to play God of War, or any game, on anything below Normal setting. Because I want to play the game as the devs intended it to be played.

What do you guys think to that? Should I just swallow my gaming pride and play it in “Sub Gamer” mode or stick to my guns and, err, I suppose, never play the game again?


So, what are your gaming plans for the weekend? Let us know below! 

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“I’ll be playing the Witcher 3 from now till the end of the world”

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“Exams :(”

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“Fallout 4, Picked it for 8€ yesterday and modded it a bit, worth the price for sure.”

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