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Phantom Doctrine is a turn based Xcom style tactical game, set in a 1980s cold war era. Its being put together by Creative Forge, the same devs that brought us the popular wild west turn based game, Hard West. They have around 50 devs in their studio so they are no longer a small operation and it is definitely showing through in their games.

CreativeForge have announced that in just over a month, August 14th 2018, Phantom Doctrine will be released. Phantom Doctrine is going to be available on GOG and Steam.

What is Phantom Doctrine?, Well it certainly tickles our interest glands. We are expecting over forty hours of single player game play, through its campaign mode. Similar to XCom there will be an overarching tactical map that allows you to place assets around the world between missions. These assets can then be called in to assist your squads during a particular mission.

There will also be stealth for your units to incorporate into their strategy. Basically you could be infiltrating foreign government intelligence facilities or assassinating key enemy targets to mounting a full blown assault on an enemy military base.

The Phantom Doctrine System Requirements are pretty scarce at the moment but we have them marked as an Intel I5 2550K or AMD FX-8300 CPU along with an Nvidia GTX 760 or Radeon HD 9750 Graphics card and 8GB system memory, which will get you a comfortable frame rate @ 1080p on High graphics settings. As a turn based game we dont expect Phantom Doctrine to be too demanding to modern PC hardware, but it is always good to have a pretty hefty CPU when dealing with turn based titles, so that the game doesnt drag when waiting for the game to play the AI turn.

Phantom Doctrine releases on 14th August on PC.


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