Anthem News – Anthem Has a Pretty Rough Gameplay Showing During Paris Games Week

Anthem News – Anthem Has a Pretty Rough Gameplay Showing During Paris Games Week

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BioWare has been busy showing off some new Anthem gameplay during Paris Games Week 2018 and, well, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions before I steam in with mine. Rather than the usual scripted story-based missions we’ve seen so far, this latest half-hour look at Anthem is more of a look at the moment to moment gameplay.

I mean this just looks like a sub-par Warframe, doesn’t it? It’s a bit worrying, particularly with BioWare having less than four months to get Anthem done and dusted. Perhaps we’re missing something here, but Anthem doesn’t appear to be offering anything above and beyond the Destiny’s of this world.

I’m really not sure what’s going on with the frame rate either; whether this is how it actually looks and there’s still a lot of optimisation work to do, or whether it’s a result of viewing a stream, of a stream, of a stream.

It’s quite clear that Anthem is running well below 30fps in this footage though, and it’s not particularly eye-catching when stacked up to the reveal trailer that we were assured was in-engine, as well as just about everything we’ve seen since. Perhaps BioWare is playing it on Low graphics settings for the purpose of the demo, but that wouldn’t be the finest way to market a game.

Still, BioWare has four months to tidy things up. It’s not masses of time, but this later period is usually when the bulk of the optimisation and polish finds its way into a game. Fingers crossed the RPG maestros can still pull a rabbit out the hat come February 22nd, when Anthem launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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