Final Fantasy XV News – Square Enix Considers Adding Real-Time Ray-Traced Reflections To Final Fantasy XV PC

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Final Fantasy XV is already one of the most demanding games ever released on PC, but Square Enix’s Takeshi Aramaki, technical director and lead programmer on FFXV, is considering patching in real-time ray tracing effects a year after the game launched on PC.

Talking to WCCFTech, Aramaki explained that Square Enix is currently just playing around with the possibility of implementing the Nvidia RTX-exclusive (for now) graphical feature.

“Ray tracing is a technology that we’re tackling with much interest, and we’re now looking into the possibility of using raytracing to depict reflections in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition,” said Aramaki. “I believe it’s possible to integrate raytracing into the game engine later and use it to express certain in-game elements.”

Square Enix is currently looking into ray-traced reflections, honing in on this specific element Aramaki belives could provide the largest boost to FFXV’s visual quality.

Of course, ray-tracing isn’t the only GeForce RTX feature coming to FFXV. Final Fantasy XV was one of the first games announced to have DLSS (Deep Learning Super-Sampling) support, an AI-based antialiasing solution that greatly improves image quality at a fraction of the cost of traditional anti-aliasing methods.

“The implementation of NVIDIA DLSS was pretty simple,” Aramaki explains. “DLSS library is well polished so, with DLSS, we were able to reach a functional state within a week or so, whereas it could take months if we implemented TAA on our own. The velocity map and how it’s generated differ depending on each game engine.

“The resolution of the texture reduces partially at times, but polygon edges are much cleaner [than Temporal Anti Aliasing] and we’ve been able to realize blur reductions. The performance significantly increases with the 4K resolution and the framerate also shows a substantial improvement.”

Neither DLSS nor ray-tracing are actually available in Final Fantasy XV just yet, but one of the best-looking games on PC could stand to get even better once official support is patched in. Now I just need to find a way to get my hands on an RTX graphics card…


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