Left Alive News – Left Alive’s Garmoniyan Invasion Trailer Looks Deliciously Miserable

Left Alive  News – Left Alive’s Garmoniyan Invasion Trailer Looks Deliciously Miserable

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Much like the game itself, there was a new trailer for Left Alive this week that flew somewhat under the radar. The Garmoniyan Invasion depicts a glimpse of the invasion of Novo Slava, and a thoroughly depressing glimpse at that.

It’s not often we see a mech shooter tread such oppressive lines but Left Alive isn’t looking like your traditional mech shooter. Square Enix has confirmed there’ll be three playable protagonists in Left Alive, switching between Olga, Mikhail, and Leonid depending on the chapter. They’ve all got their reasons for being stuck in this frigid war zone but they’ve all got one thing in common – they know how to hop into a giant metallic beast and law waste.

We also got a few tidbits on how Let Alive will integrate its online components. It’s all very Dark Souls really, showing where other players have died using a Heat Map, helping players to identify potentially tricky spots which should be avoided or prepared for.

There’s also news on a New Game+ mode, allowing players to restart the game with enhanced abilities. “In Left Alive, there is a “New Game+” mode in which you restart the game from Chapter 01 with various strengthened abilities,” says Square Enix. “Elements that can be strengthened are limited since they can be redeemed for points, but by gradually playing through the game multiple times, you should be able to expand your strategies for clearing each stage and more easily handle sub-quests you could not clear in previous playthroughs.”

Left Alive comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 5th.


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