Anno 1800 News – Most Anticipated PC Exclusives of 2019

Anno 1800 News – Most Anticipated PC Exclusives of 2019

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The weird and wonderful world of PC gaming has more exclusives than just about any other gaming platform outside of mobile. The number of AAA exclusives has sadly shrunk in recent years but there’s a still a wealth of top games out in 2019 that are only playable on PC. These are the sorts of games the benefit from the precision of a mouse & keyboard setup, something which the consoles just cannot reliably provide.

Anno 1800

I don’t know about anyone else, but one of my favourite things from my childhood of PC gaming was building massive great cities and civilizations, whether that was in Sim City, The Settlers, Caesar, or just about of the other classic strategy series. Blue Byte’s Anno series has carried the torch for the genre all the way into 2019, and Anno 1800 looks like a dream come true for settlement-building fans. In Anno 1800 players can lead their very own Industrial Revolution, rapidly discovering new technologies, cultures and even continents during this fast-paced time in history.


Desperados 3

Always kind of the ugly brother to the beloved Commandos series, our interest in Desperados III has nevertheless been piqued by the involvement of Mimimi Productions. The work they did on Shadow Tactics was absolutely stellar, so they’ve got the know-how to deliver a fantastic real-time tactics game set within the Wild West. Expect Desperados 3 to have a sky-high difficulty with its puzzle-like challenges that will require near-perfect execution to come out unscathed.


Minecraft: Dungeons

The untouchable block-building antics of Minecraft have made Mojang’s classic the second-bestselling game of all time, and we’d imagine it won’t be long until it takes the top spot from Tetris. Spinning out a new game in the series seems pretty obvious then, but Minecraft: Dungeons is set to upset the formula with its four-player dungeon crawling set within Minecraft’s blocky world. We expect Minecraft: Dungeons to be humongous when it comes to PC next year.


Phoenix Point

XCOM 2 was great, really great, although we couldn’t help shake the feeling it stayed a little too close to the formula of Enemy unknown. Original XCOM maestro Julian Gollop isn’t the sort to even think about sitting still though, constantly refining the turn-based tactics genre with every new game. Phoenix Point is Gollop’s most ambitious title in some time, arriving in June 2019 as an XCOM spiritual successor featuring Lovecraftian horrors, mutating aliens, competing factions, fully destructible environments, and a targeting system to allow the crippling of enemy forces.


Steel Division 2

There’s something a tiny bit crazy about the scale that strategy games can achieve these days. Steel Division 2 is promising 1:1 scale recreations of World War 2 battles. Fights can involve several thousand units battling across maps up to 150x100km large. Players will have to manage every element of warfare, from frontline supply chains to battalion movements, occupation, and assaults on enemy forces.

Get voting for which game you’re most hyped for, and if it’s a game not mentioned here then let everyone else know what it is in the comments section below!


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