Frostpunk News – What Are You Playing This Weekend – Christmas 2018 Edition

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‘Twas the weekend before Christmas and all was still… but forget all that, it’s time for a big ol’ gaming session before family season. The game releases have dried up in December but I suspect many of you have still built up some imperious gaming backlogs, made even more terrifying thanks to this week’s Steam Winter Sale. But what are you going to be tucking into this weekend?

Jon – I’m having two Christmases this year for purely greedy reasons. My first Christmas is today and it’s going to finally be Super Mario Party time. I’ve skipped the series for about a decade or so thanks to some guff decisions by Nintendo that ruined the board game portion, but I’m back in with the new one after reading a few reviews that compared it to the original trio of games. No doubt it’ll be painfully unfair, like all the best board games are, but I’m eager for some devious star steals.

Aside from that, it’s clean-up time on a few games that I’ve missed throughout the year, most notably in VR. Actually getting my VR out and using it feels like a monumental effort, so I tend to wait six months and then burst through a few games in quick succession before the dog can chew through the wire. This time I’m eager to give Moss and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, both games that have been touted as some of the best reasons to play VR. Fingers crossed they can live up to my expectations and that my wires make it through the weekend intact.

Felix – Ahh the wonderful family festive time. I am hoping for a bit of time to lounge around in my dressing gown, grab a turkey leg and settle into my game cave for a bunch of unsociable hours. I have had my eye on RimWorld, the sci-fi colony builder, for quite some time. I fear it though. Should I give it a go and risk not coming out of my cave until 2019? Are there any games you fear starting for the same reason?

Other than that I have seen Frostpunk and definitely want to give it a go. Which one should I go with, Frostpunk or RimWorld?

And now it’s over to you fine folks, what are your gaming plans for the festive season? Got any Christmas crackers you’ve been looking forward to playing? Picked up some bargains in the Steam Winter Sale? Let us know!

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“I’m playing a cute little game called Thermodynamics for mechanical engineering LOL.”

mohamed1998 –


“I have a few games I’ll be playing just cause 4, darksiders 3 and bf5 Ho Ho Hoo Merry Christmas.”

darrendee –


“BF V, FIFA 19 , Ogame a browser game, some couch coop games and nothing more for now ahh i forgot some casual cuphead and resident evil zero gameplay also . 🙂 merry xmas”

PeskaGoPro –


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