News – What Are The Wildest New Features You’d Love to See on GD?

As you’ve been exploring GD, you may have stumbled upon a few new features we’ve been working on, both big and small. We’ve been busy beavering on awesome new goodies to help out everyone in the world of PC gaming.

Each of the graphics cards pages shows concrete gaming FPS data from the latest AAA games, and the GPU’s gaming performance can also be compared directly with one another. This provides an at-a-glance look at exactly what frame rates you can expect from any PC graphics card at both 1080p and 4K resolution. We’re also planning to include 1440p results shortly.

Over on the pages for each of the games we’ve also had a redesign. System requirements are now front and centre, giving you the information you want, straight away. We’re also weighing up plans for game FPS benchmark results for every major game and graphics card that will appear on this page. No hunting around for reviews or specific tests, just search for a game and bam, there are the FPS results.

On the game pages, you may have also spotted a number in a coloured box, right next to the game name at the top. This is our Demanding Ranking. We’ve sorted through every major game and calculated which has the highest recommended system requirements. This feeds through to our Top 100 Most Demanding PC Games List, providing an instant snapshot of the most demanding PC games in the world. Once we add system requirements for a game this list is regenerated and re-ordered so it’ll always be up to date. The recently released system requirements for Anthem, for example, means it’s the fourth most demanding PC game.

Looking forward, next up we’re going to have user review scores for all games. You can currently vote on whether you think a game is well optimised or badly optimised, but now you’ll also be able to give it a completely separate score out of 10 for how good you think it is.

But this is just the start of our plans and there’s going to be a ton of awesome stuff coming that’s going to help you become more knowledgeable than ever as to whether a game will run on your system before you buy it. We’re talking things such as calculating true system requirements rather than relying entirely on the specs handed out by developers. Also things such as Nvidia or AMD bias; whether a game performs noticeably better on GeForce or Radeon graphics cards.

There’s a lot that’s changed on Game-Debate and there’s a whole lot more that’s still going to change as we look to make this an even more awesome and useful place. None of it means anything without the community though, which is always buzzing in the comments of just about every article and all about the site in general. You’re folks that love to debate all things games, obviously enough, so we’d love to know your takes and your ideas for what could make GD an even better place to be.

Any ideas for the site are welcome, no matter how big, no matter how small, no matter how seemingly crazy they may be. We want to hear them all. The things you’d find useful, the things you’d enjoy, or the things that give you more power, and more knowledge, about what your rig can do.

So let loose, get wild! Chip in on each other’s ideas, spitball some crazy shizzle – anything and everything, we want to hear about it!

Our Favorite Comments


“Remove the big ‘can i run it’ icon in the mobile version of the site. I have had so many texts ruined because i accidently hit it with my thumb.”

furny12967 –


“Working menus on the mobile site, especially the hardware menu”

Xanatos340 –


“->Facebook-like notification system (only get notifications from replies on my comments/replies to comments of which I participated on) that automatically snaps to the comment in question when clicking on the notification.->Emojis”

shadespirit –


“Personally, I wouldn’t want anything wild, just more options to customize the profile. The Steam integration was awesome but it’s so hard to see the games on a user’s profile. Pc specs/ other devices are also so small, and almost hidden. The posts take the largest part of a profile and I feel like…”

Ozone9012 –


“A working steam library integration. 🙂 I’ ve asked a few times, but apparently my library is too large…”

jhuylebroeck –


“It will be nice on the section most popular games can show most adventure games , most action games , rpg , etc”

dream2053 –


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