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2019 is shaping up to be an absolute treat for adventure game fans, a genre that’s usually given short shrift these days. To get this down to just five games took some aggressive culling and, well, pushing a few games to other categories as well. There’s something for just about anyone who’s a fan of interactive storytelling and puzzle-solving though, from the return of Shenmue 3 through to the RPG glory of Disco Elysium.

Twin Mirror

Dontnod has had its share of ups and downs lately but has found a firm footing for its storytelling between Life is Strange and Vampyr. The hope now is that Twin Mirror can follow in the same vein, telling a mind-altering tale of Samuel, a man who returns to his hometown for his best friend’s funeral, only to wake up in his motel room covered in blood. What follows promises to be a dark, moody investigative tale as Samuel tries to piece together the bizarre events of the night before, all set against the backdrop of Basswood, West Virginia.


Man of Medan

Until Dawn was the game that really made us sit up and take notice of Supermassive Games, a studio that was otherwise fairly innocuous up to that point. Sit up we did though, as Until Dawn was an absolutely rollicking slasher tale which absolutely destroyed the narrative adventure game precedent set by Telltale and Quantic Dreams. Man of Medan is the first in a planned anthology of horror games called The Dark Pictures Anthology. A group of four young Americans boards a dive boat for a WWII wreck in the South Pacific, unwittingly trapping themselves aboard a terrifying ghost ship.


In the Valley of the Gods

Now working under the watchful gaze of Valve since being acquired earlier this year, Campo Santo is following up the beloved Firewatch with In the Valley of the Gods, a single-player first-person adventure game in much the same vein. Players will explore a massive valley in the Egyptian desert, searching for treasure, fame, and fortune beneath the sand. As ever though, don’t expect things to be quite so simple as that.


Shenmue III

I’m showing my bias here but the original two Shenmue games were some of the best and most ambitious games of their time. Time hasn’t necessarily been kind to the Shenmue series though, so there’s a fair whack of pressure on Shenmue 3 to deliver something that’s only true to the spirit of the originals but also bringing it into the modern age. At long last, we’ve got an August 2019 release date to look forward to and we can’t wait to see whether Yu Suzuki has still got the magic touch.


Disco Elysium

Quite simply one of the most exciting takes on adventure RPGs we’ve seen in a long, long time, Disco Elysium is a hardboiled detective game fused with isometric RPGs. A single, sprawling case takes place across a massive urban setting, with players tasked with exploring the scenes, gathering clues, and interrogating suspects in an effort to find out what’s going down in the town of Revachol West.

Get voting for which game you’re most hyped for, and if it’s a game not mentioned here then be sure to let everyone else know what it is in the comments section below!


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