ATLAS News – 40000-Player Pirate MMO Atlas, From Ark Creators, Delayed 2 Days – Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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It’s kind of come of nowhere but pirate RPG Atlas, from the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved, was due to launch yesterday. It’s sadly been delayed yet again, but only by a couple of days. Atlas will now launch tomorrow, December 21st, just in time for grog-swilling holiday shenanigans. To help you get through those two extra days, Grapeshot Games has revealed a new gameplay trailer for its 40,000-player survival MMO.

Atlas is looking pretty damn awesome in truth, although we’re automatically a little wary when an Early Access game involving the Ark creators comes our way. There could definitely be some teething issues and optimisation hiccups that need sorting, but the core idea looks very sound.

More than 40,000 players can join in together on a single server in Atlas, exploring a massive open-world, discovering islands, building ships, searching for treasure, constructing forts, joining armadas, engaging in massive naval wars, and even battling dragons and other mythical beasts.

The neat little bit I wasn’t prepared for is the promised top-notch mod support. Players can absolutely wild here, including building their own massive-scale WW2 multiplayer, crafting floating airships or piloting spitfires.

Atlas is out on December 21st for PC. What’s your hype levels like on this one?


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