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Here it is, the biggie. The Grand Final of the 12 Games of Christmas. Nine weak games have crumbled over the past nine days, leaving three fighters standing. PC favourite Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the plucky underdog in the Grand Final, flanked by the intimidating Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War. Ding, ding, ding, gloves off.

How the community voting works

Each day at 17:00 GMT two titles will battle each other. Whichever title receives the most votes in the poll wins, and will then go through to the next round. 12 games in total will be battling away, and the first six rounds will take place from today and over the next five days – one battle per day. The six games that win will make it through to the semi-finals, where three further 1v1 fights will take place. The winners of these three battles will then make it to the three-way final to decide the ultimate game this Christmas. 

Each bout will last 23 hours, and the winner is whichever game receives the most votes in the poll, which can be found towards the bottom of each article. 

Grand Final – Kingdom Come: Deliverance v Red Dead Redemption 2 v God of War

This one could be a bloodbath. There’s a vocal contingent of Red Dead 2 naysayers out there who definitely have a chance to make their voices heard in this three-way final. I suspect Kingdom Come: Deliverance is going to need all the help it can get if it wants to tackle these two brutes.

God of War has had probably the easiest run through to the final, brushing aside Spider-Man and Battlefield V like leaves in the breeze. It bodes well for the final, although having the monstrous RDR2 as its competitor certainly does it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game with weaknesses and drawbacks though, so it may not be the dead cert fight some are expecting.

This is your last chance to vote, and this time it’s for your winner!


Get voting below for your winner, and remember to check back tomorrow for the winner’s announcement!

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“I never got on with kcd, I might go back and try it again one day but imo red dead and gow were much more enjoyable. And my final vote has to go to Kratos..sorry Arthur!I think this may be a surprising result though with alot of people voting based on ‘I don’t have a console’.”

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