Psychonauts 2 News – Double Fine Drop First ‘Official’ Trailer for Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 News – Double Fine Drop First ‘Official’ Trailer for Psychonauts 2

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It’s been quiet, too quiet, for fans of Psychonauts. Don’t worry though, Double Fine has put us out of misery and finally given what’s allegedly the “official first trailer” for Psychonauts 2.

The psyche-smashing action-platformer delves into the weird and wonderful world of psychic super-spies. The star of the show is Razputin Aquato, an excellent acrobat with psychic powers who can delve into people’s minds in order to order to help conquer their innermost demons or emotional issues. You know, doing what Psychonauts do.

What follows is sure to be an utterly bizarre and surreal adventure exploring the depths of the human mind. But onto the trailer, which is largely cinematic but does have a few little snippets of gameplay tucked in there at the end.

At the moment Psychonauts 2 is still on track for a 2019 release. However, Starbreeze is handling publishing duties on Psychonauts 2 and has, well, pretty much imploded these last few months. There’s all sorts of talk of bankruptcy, police raids, insider trading, diving stock and who knows what else, but we’ve no idea whether this could leave Psychonauts 2 in a precarious position or not.


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