Steam News – What Have You Bought in the Steam Autumn Sale 2018?

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‘Tis the season of rampant consumerism. If you’re a store and you’re not having a sale, you’re basically not worth bothering with, so get out the way. Valve is never one to miss a sales opportunity, so we’ve had the fairly extravagant Steam Autumn Sale running this weekend to tie into all the Black Friday shenanigans.

The Steam Autumn Sale 2018 only runs through until this Tuesday, November 27th, so time is a little tight if you want to score some deals. However, there are a frankly bewildering 14,284 games on sale on Steam according to Valve, so actually picking through it and finding the hidden gems and bargains is actually quite the task. Steam can only cycle so many games on its front page, and if I ever see GTA V advertised to me again it’ll be too soon.

But most of you fine folks here on GD have top-tier tastes, so what better way to find out the best deals than to share what we’ve all be dropping our cash on.

Unfortunately for this entire discussion, I haven’t actually bought anything yet so I can’t even really get it going. I mainly made it in order to get some ideas for what I could buy, to be honest. I’m definitely mulling over a purchase of Civilization VI, although I’m unsure whether  I should go all-in on the Gold Edition or keep it a little more reserved with the base game. Does anybody know if all the scenario packs plus the Rise and Fall expansion are worth the extra £20?

Just to open things up though, rather than just the stuff you’ve bought in the sale, what would you buy if you had a theoretical $40 to spend in the Steam sale?

Here’s what I’d spend my £40 on:

Civ VI – £15

Black Mesa – £6

Dishonored – £2

Life is Strange – Before the Storm – £4

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition – £10

Just Cause 3 – £3

That seems like a great haul for £40 to me, which is the wonder of picking up games when they aren’t brand new. £40 wouldn’t be enough for me to buy the standard edition of Hitman 2 for £45, for example, but I can get Hitman 1 complete plus five extra games for £5 less. Patience is definitely a virtue.

What have you bought during the Steam Autumn Sale? How would you spend $40 in the sale? Spill the beans in the comments!

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