World War 3 News – World War 3’s 1st Major Update Adds Team Deathmatch and Warsaw Map, Content Roadmap Revealed

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World War 3 launched into Early Access last month may have been a little rocky but The Farm 51 has outlined a steady stream of fixes and content updates to keep the multiplayer military FPS on an even keel.

The first major 0.2 update for World War 3 has dropped this week with the introduction of a 10v10 Team Deathmatch mode as well as the Warsaw Shopping Mall map, the MSBS Bullpup rifle, the IFV Boxer infantry fighting vehicle, a reworked spawn system and a big old list of tweaks, performance optimisations and other fixes.

World War 3 Patch 0.2


New game mode: Team Deathmatch New map: Warsaw Shopping Mall (TDM only) New weapon: MSBS Bullpup New vehicle: IFV Boxer New uniform: Russian Partisan New vehicle armor: RPG nets for IFV Boxer and IFV Bumerang New spawn system (TDM only for now!)


In-game grenade selector (just like gadgets) Backend: Progression system (first pass) Thermal scopes (first pass) Backend: Item unlocking Backend: Server authentication First tests of the changing day/night system (TDM map only)

It sounds as if it’s a fairly comprehensive update for World War 3, bringing it more into line with what fans were perhaps expecting. The changes are set to come thick and fast over the next few months as well. The Farm 51 has revealed an updated content roadmap for WW3 detailing the next four major updates and beyond, stretching all the way into mid-2019.

There are new maps, modes, vehicles, classes, and all of the other usual goodies you’d expect. They’re definitely aiming for that Battlefield 3 vibe over the course of its development, a game which is already available for bargain bin prices and packed to the rafters with content. Farm 51’s work is cut out for them then, but if they can keep up a monthly cadence then World War 3 can definitely be a multiplayer shooter to keep an eye.

World War 3 Content Roadmap

World War 3 is available on PC through Steam Early Access right now. There’s currently a little 10% discount in the Steam Autumn Sale if you’re thinking of giving it a shot.

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