E3 2019 – GreedFall story trailer showcases mysterious world of magic and treasure hunters

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Here we go, E3 season has arrived. It’s time for our first official E3 2019 game trailer. Let the flood begin. First up is the elusive GreedFall, an all-new RPG from Spiders that was announced years ago and has finally resurfaced with a mightily intriguing new story trailer.

The setting sounds fascinating, for sure. While fantastical, GreedFall takes place in an era analogous to when the first settlers/colonisers headed over to the Americas. These folks have headed to mysterious new continent teeming with magic, attracting all sorts of mercenaries and treasure hunters hoping to strike it lucky. Back on the home continent, a deadly disease is wiping out the populace and the hop is that a cure can be found in this remote new land.

Players won’t be alone in GreedFall though. The natives aren’t taking too kindly to these settlers coming and setting up shop in their homeland. GreedFall promises to delve into a branching story with competing factions, diplomacy, and quests that can be resolved in a multitude of manners.

Spiders is a studio which has had its ups and downs in terms of quality over the years, counting the likes of The Technomancer, Bound by Flame and Of Orcs and Men among its roster. They’ve never quite hit that upper tier though, and there was always sneaking suspicion is that releasing a game every year to 18 months just wasn’t enough time. GreedFall is a little different as Spiders will have worked on this game for well over three years by the time it launches in September, so this could well be Spiders’ opportunity for a larger-scale success.

GreedFall comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2019.

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