Watch Google Stadia Connect here – Launch date, price and games to be revealed

Beating the rest of the competition to the punch, Google’s Stadia Connect broadcast is taking place today, June 6th, at 9am PT. Google is promising all the gory details on its cloud gaming service, including potential game announcements, the pricing strategy, and when we can all get our hands on it. Unfortunately for Google, we basically know much of this already thanks to a leak earlier today. Whoopsie.

Stadia Connect sounds as if it’s going to be Google’s take on Nintendo Directors, or Sony’s State of Play, or Microsoft’s Inside Xbox. Each episode will take a look at Google Stadia news, events, upcoming games, bonus features, and other knick-knacks.

We’ve got a sense of morbid curiosity about this, more than anything. Love it or hate it, Stadia Connect promises to be an unmissable treat for gaming fans. There’s just so many question marks surrounding the tech, the pricing, the games, and the potential impact on the rest of the games industry. Will Google’s cloud gaming service just end up a load of hot air?

Watch the Google Stadia Connect live stream below at:

Thursday, June 6th at 9am PT / 12 noon ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CET

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