E3 2019 – Prepare your Anal Probe, Destroy All Humans! Remake announced

Destroy All Humans! Remake
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Destroy All Humans! Remake
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THQ Nordic’s very busy week has continued with the announcement of Destroy All Humans!, a remake of the 2005 cult hit and just one of the many, many gaming IPs THQ Nordic has been busy hoovering up.

For the uninitiated, Destroy All Humans! Is an open-ended action-adventure in which, as you could probably tell from the name, you play as an invading alien out to destroy mankind. Our hero Crypto has psychokinetic powers, while he’s also equipped with an alien’s most trusted ally – the Anal Probe Gun.

We’ve got one heck of a trailer for Destroy All Humans! Remake to go along with the announcement. I have literally no idea why these invading aliens in 50’s American are singing Rammstein but it’s all kinds of wonderful / batshit crazy.

Giana Sisters developer Black Forest Games is developing Destroy All Humans! – Remake, while THQ Nordic is handling publishing duties. It’s due to come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020.

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