E3 2019: Shinji Mikami’s GhostWire: Tokyo revealed – Paranormal action-adventure

GhostWire: Tokyo
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GhostWire: Tokyo
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Legendary horror maestro Shinji Mikami (The Evil Within, Resident Evil) took to the stage to at Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase to reveal GhostWire: Tokyo, an all-new paranormal horror IP.

GhostWire: Tokyo is an action-adventure set in Japan’s capital. Mysterious disappearances are beginning to take place across Tokyo. A strange new evil is behind it, and it’s down to players to uncover the source and purge this evil using an arsenal of spectral abilities.

Crucially, GhostWire isn’t survival horror. Details are still scarce on this front but GhostWire: Tokyo appears to be heading more down the action-adventure route with players unraveling strange conspiracy theories and coming face to face with urban legends. It very much looks as if it’ll be a horror game, although without the focus on survival elements which have been Mikami’s trademark for so long.  It’s basically a recipe for my dream game so fingers crossed on this one.

There’s no word on platforms or a release date for GhostWire: Tokyo just yet, so there’s certainly the suspicion this could wind up being a next-gen title.

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