Stylish noir detective RPG Disco Elysium comes to PC in October – Release date trailer

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Finally! Disco Elysium is a game we’ve been keeping one heck of an investigative eye on and now it’s got a release date at long last. Disco Elysium, for the uninitiated, is a hard-boiled detective thriller, an isometric noir RPG set within a beautiful world. It’s basically style oozing out of it from every which way, and who doesn’t love getting down to the gritty job of proper detective work.

Developer ZA/UM has now confirmed Disco Elysium will be coming to PC through Steam and GOG (no Epic Store!) on October 15th.

From the outset, Disco Elysium is looking like the sort of game which will appeal to the Planescape: Torment fans among us, or pretty much an isometric RPG fans who love digging into worlds outside of traditional fantasy. ZA/UM is promising a hefty 60-hour campaign for this open-world RPG, complete with in-depth role-playing systems, a world which can be explored in any order, and one massive open-ended murder investigation which could spin off in any direction based on your suspicions.

The actual gameplay boils down to some proper RPG dice-rolling. Rather than just swinging an oversized sword around like a chump though, you can use your intellect to come out on top during questioning, impose them with authority, use lightning quick reactions to disarm, or excel in hand/eye coordination to put a bullet between the eyes. The choice really is yours; looking for all the world like ZA/UM has answered the eternal question – What if LA Noire was actually made into a good game?

In total there are 24 unique skills to upgrade (based in Intellect, Psyche, Physique, and Motorics), over 80 items of clothing to wear, 12 detective tools, and more than 50 ‘thoughts’ to analyse and then utilise in your casework.

We’re a tiny bit excited for this one, as you may have guessed. There’s some immense potential in what they’re cooking up here, now we’re just left to hope they can deliver on it.

Disco Elysium is out on October 15th for PC.

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