Planet Zoo’s new trailer drills down into some insane tycoon depth

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Planet Zoo
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We’ve had many a zoo management game over the years of course, including Frontier’s own previous attempts with Xbox One launch title Zoo Tycoon. None have ever even come near to the level of depth which is on display in Planet Zoo though. There’s an astonishing level of attention to detail going on here.

Frontier claims the animals themselves are the best animated and most realistic animals ever seen in a game, hand-animated after studying hours and hours of behavioural footage.

Each of the habitats for the animals needs to be individually built and tailored towards their needs. Some animals prefer lots of water and grasslands, for example, while others like to hide in caves when it’s hot. Depending on where a zoo is located, the weather is also going to affect how you design it. Frontier has cited an Arctic zoo filled with snow, necessitating players build enough shelters to keep the animals warm.

Building on Jurassic World Evolution, the health of your animals will also be key. A wide genetic pool is necessary to prevent inbreeding, which can cause diseases, affect lifespan, and appearance. This all feeds into Planet Zoo’s wider attempts to highlight the importance of conservation; an overarching story involves breeding animals for release back into the wild.

Planet Zoo comes to PC on November 5th. It’s available to pre-order now, complete with a Deluxe Edition that includes three unique animals – Pygmy Hippopotamus, Thomson’s Gazelle and Komodo Dragon.

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