Monster Hunter World: Iceborne coming to PC January 2020, several large free DLCs to follow

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne coming to PC January 2020, several large free DLCs to follow

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
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The Steam page has just popped for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, confirming the PC version will be arriving a little later on January 2020. That’s a little longer than our console comrades will have to wait though. MonHun World Iceborne comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, 2019.

It’s par for the course really. Monster Hunter World came to consoles months and months before it appeared on PC, running a staggered update schedule which means PC gamers are simply a few months behind. A frustration, for sure, but the bonus for us in the northern hemisphere is we’ll now be receiving Iceborne right in the depths of winter. Perfect.

As you’d expect from DLC, Iceborne comes with exactly the same system requirements. The only difference is you’ll need a bit of additional space to install it. The base game is 30GB although Capcom hasn’t provided details on the install size of Iceborne. We’d hazard a guess we’re looking at 40-45GB while both are installed.

In terms of what Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will offer, Capcom has promised it will pretty much double the available landmass with Hoarfrost Reach, adds a ton of new monsters to slay, weapon skills to master, and a new Master Rank quest difficulty for the self-abusers of this world.

Executive director Kaname Fujioka confirmed Iceborne will be the final expansion for Monster Hunter World. There will be several free DLCs for Iceborne itself though, keeping it alive for a good few months. “The new content update method of Iceborne will be the same as the main body, and the content will be continuously updated through several large free DLCs,” said Fujioka.


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