Twitch Streamers Are Boycotting Amazon Prime Day, But Why?

Twitch Streamers Are Boycotting Amazon Prime Day, But Why?


Amazon is worth more than any other US retailer, as it swept past Walmart back in 2015. In 2018 it employed 647,500 people and during that year the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s net worth increased by $260 million dollars each day.

A new holiday has been declared by the powerful Amazon and they are calling it Prime day. Its kind of like the retailer’s counter to the winter heavy commercialisation a lot of us know as Christmas. Basically, why not have another major product purchasing holiday at the other side of the calendar. You know, so the cash starved Amazon can get more cash.

Well in answer to that it seems many Amazon workers in germany have decided to strike due to them feeling they are getting unfair pay. Also in Minnesota other amazon workers are striking today because of unsafe working conditions.

Amazon owns a lot of stuff and it also owns the gaming streaming giant we know as

And so to help support this movement some of the Twitch streamers have taken to striking on twitch as well.

One such gamer, known as Adam “Yoman5” Hernandez said that “A [Twitch] boycott in solidarity with the strike can hit Amazon in the only place they care: sales numbers”. Adam is a well known competitive Magic the Gathering streamer.

To follow suit plenty of comments are moving around social media advicing people to stay away from Amazon’s wholy owned products during this period. Items like the kindle, audible and Goodreads. Oh and they say dont forget IMDB is owned by Amazon as well. So perhaps head over to rotten tomato instead for your entertainment info

How do you sit on this type of action? Is it something you care about as gamers or tech purchasers. I know we here at GD often post up affiliate links from here to Amazon, where when you click on it our amazon account can earn a tiny percent of your purchase. But its a tough one to maintain, as Amazon only honour that for 24 hours and if anyone else (including a google search) leadsthat person to Amazon then it overwrites GDs affiliate code.

But in the long run we still make a little bit of money from Amazon affiliate links when you click on them, so they are good for us. Especially the UK | US | France | German | Canadian links.

See what I did there?


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