GRID Release Date Pushed Back A Month Avoiding September Launch Rush

GRID Release Date Pushed Back A Month Avoiding September Launch Rush

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Codemasters have said that they want to give more time to building up exposure to their upcoming racing game Grid. And in so doing they have pushed back their development finish line to the 11th October. It was set to release a month earlier in the beginning of September 2019.

They went on to point out this was due to gathering interests at E3 2019 this year from various media publishers and enjoyed lots of pre-launch accolades as excitement for Grid builds. The impression Codemasters gave is that they wish to capitalise on this enthusiasm and to continue to build exposure and momentum towards their new release date.

So it feels like this delay is marketing based and not to do with the state of Grid’s development. So a quick look at the release schedule for early September and it seems like Grid would be sharing its original release period with Borderlands 3 and Gears 5. A couple of big titles you dont really want overshadowing your own AAA game launch, so certainly seems like a wise move by Codemasters.

A representative at Codemasters went on to say “With a little more than three months until launch, our Grid and Codemasters channels will be revealing more information and gameplay and big announcements, with more major news coming In the next couple of days.”

For those people who have pre-purchased the Grid Ultimate Edition (which is $80/€70/£65, if you are interested) you will still be getting 3 days early access as originally said, but the early access dates will commence from October 8th through to everyone elses access date of 11th October.

Grid will also still be one of Google Stadia’s launch games when it goes live.

The last Grid game, Grid Autosport, came out in 2014 so considering the wait so far, it feels like the extra few weeks wont be too long for us fans to bear.

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“I really hope this is something similar to GRID(2008) career – the sense of achievement of building up a team, making liveries, buying teammates, managing sponsors, driving seasons etc. felt more rewarding than previous titles. This with GRID Autosport handling and you got a 10/10 racing game, well…”

Jyfitsu –


“really bloody interesting. planning on getting a VR Headset soon hopefully grid supports it for the more casual driving friends of mine”

reddemolisher –


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