Hunt Showdown is leaving Steam Early Access in August with major update

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Hunt: Showdown
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Crytek has announced its much-beloved Hunt: Showdown will be leaving Steam Early Access later this summer. The first-person PvP bounty hunting game with deep PvE elements has already racked up a pretty massive audience through its Early Access release, laying a strong foundation for what could be a pretty big launch.

Hunt: Showdown will leave Steam Early Access and hit its launch version on August 20th for both PC and Xbox One. A PlayStation 4 version is anticipated to arrive later in the year.

It’ll mean Hunt Showdown will have been in Early Access for a grand total of around 18 months, during which time its received around 20 major updates. Crytek has been busy adding new weapons, enemies, maps, abilities, and more, fleshing out the core concept for a full release.

For the uninitiated, Hunt: Showdown pits 10 players, in teams of two, deep in the Louisiana swamps. The aim is to track and kill the elusive yet powerful boss creatures, grabbing your reward, and escaping with the goods. Only, five teams are attempting the exact same feat, and taking down a bounty will bring all of the attention down on your head. It also happens to be absolutely terrifying for anyone with the slightest aversion to eight-legged monstrosities.

Hunt: Showdown is out on August 20th for PC and Xbox One. A PS4 version is due in autumn 2019.

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