John Wick Hex is oozing style in release date announcement trailer

John Wick Hex is oozing style in release date announcement trailer

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John Wick Hex

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While you’re all wasting your time hanging around for Cyberpunk 2077, glorious Keanu Reeves action is already heading our way on October 8th. Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced a release date for John Wick Hex, arriving in October on PC through the Epic Games Store. Exclusively, we should add, as it ever needed adding as far as Epic Store titles are concerned.

It’s being developed by Bithell Games, a British studio which has built up a fearsome repertoire already, counting Thomas Was Alone, Volume, and Subsurface Circular among its successes.

John Wick Hex is a bit of a curio, offering up action-oriented turn-based tactics. It’s chin-stroking strategy fused with slick weapon choreography. XCOM meets Superhot, including the opportunity to see a real-time run at the end of a level.

It’s one of those genius ideas that seems astoundingly obvious once you see it. Stepping into the vengeful shoes of John Wick himself, players have limited ammo and weapons, utilising turn-based tactics with time-simulated reloads, ballistics, and movement. There’s no reloading at the end of a turn here, this is a decision which eats up precious time during this kung-fu ballet.

John Wick Hex lands on the Epic Store from October 8th, priced at £15.99.


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