NBA 2K20 is being absolutely savaged by user reviews due to microtransactions

NBA 2K20 is being absolutely savaged by user reviews due to microtransactions

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That microtransaction controversy really is coming back to bite NBA 2K20 in its 7’2” tall ass. Everywhere you look, NBA 2K20 is receiving an absolute battering from users, whether that’s its “Overwhelmingly Negative” review score on Steam through to a stunning 0.8 User Score on Metacritic. 

It’s actually doing comparatively OK here on GD, notching up an average review score of 5.35/10. It’s early days though, and remember you can use the review box to the right to score NBA 2K20 if you wish.

But, back to Steam for a moment where this game really is on blast. NBA 2K20 has been out for five days and notched up 1,702 user reviews. Of these reviews, 85% are negative. The complaints tend to boil down to the big elephant in the room – microtransactions.

“Bought it just to dislike it,” says Elenko, who followed through with 8.3 hours played. 

“Full of micro transactions,” says INA_NoctisLucis_XV, rather succinctly. 

It’s not all bad though, NBA 2K20 has actually proven inspirational for one user. “This is my first ever review on steam. Don’t waste your money on this game,” warns vivre_guy. Congratulations on putting pen to paper for your first Steam review buddy.

Now, if you’re somehow still unaware of the egregious microtransactions on offer in NBA 2K 2020, look no further than 2K’s ill-fated casino trailer. It includes card packs, slot machines, loot boxes, roulette, and pachinko, culminating an absolute microtransaction and premium currency fiesta.

Right now, it’s probably time for 2K to sit up and start taking action. We saw a similar situation with NBA 2K19 but they’ve really doubled down on the microtransactions rather than attempt to solve the matter. It’s left the door wide open for EA to scoot in with its (frankly terrible) NBA Live series and that truly would be a case of 2K shooting itself in the foot.

Oh, if 2K is trying to make a good impression with its annual basketball updates, they probably should at least bother to update the Windows taskbar icon from NBA 2K19 to NBA 2K20. You know, just to avoid everyone calling this year’s edition a total rehash of last year.

It’s a brutal state of affairs but you can’t say 2K hasn’t been warned. The egregiousness of the microtransactions is on a whole other level compared to EA Sports titles, and that’s an impressive feat in itself. Time will tell whether this makes a dent in NBA 2K20’s sales though, and if we see a reversal for next year’s outing.


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