Denuvo Anti-Tamper is coming to mobile games too so you can’t cheat microtransactions

Denuvo Anti-Tamper is coming to mobile games too so you can’t cheat microtransactions


Not content with messing around with your PC games, Denuvo is coming to your mobile now too. After all, there are so many premium mobile games we all just cannot wait to pirate. Okay, okay, I can’t let my bias show, this isn’t just about piracy.

Irdeto, the owner of Denuvo Software Solutions, has said Denuvo’s ‘Mobile Game Protection’ solution is designed to stop cheating, modifying, exposing security flaws, or pirating of mobile games. 

Now, as you know, most mobile games don’t cost a great deal to buy. A large proportion of them are totally free to download. The big money spinner comes from the in-game purchases which can be made, a system which can theoretically be cheated by someone who’s that way inclined. After all, why you would you spend $139.99 on a box of 40,000 Magic Gems if you can use some cheat software to give it to yourself for free? That’s arguably not even piracy but it is modification of a game’s code.

And, well, mobile game developers don’t want you doing that so along comes Denuvo, whose ‘Mobile Game Protection’ ensures “legitimate players get the best possible experience and revenue streams are not eliminated.” Denuvo claims its software prevents hackers from debugging games, reverse engineering, or otherwise changing the source code.

“The video game industry has its own mobile ecosystem that includes game and app stores, game engines and analytics platforms. While this has facilitated a hugely profitable new area of gaming, it has also opened new avenues and access points for hackers and cheaters,” said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, managing director of Denuvo, Irdeto. 

“A fundamental aspect of reducing security risks to your mobile game is to plan from day one how hackers could take advantage of your game’s design and architecture. Without proper security in place, publishers could be exposing themselves to revenue loss and reputational damage.”

It sounds as if Denuvo’s Mobile Anti-Tamper is going to be very use for devs to integrated. It just needs to be applied to the final APK before it’s pushed live and then it’s good to go. It, er, has “minimal impact” on the gameplay experience, although the same performance worries we see on PC must surely remain.

Denuvo keeps snaking its tendrils out then, do you think this could be beneficial to stop mobile cheaters? Or is this just another way to control the software you may have bought? Let us know what you think of it below!

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“Well if they could completely move Denuvo over to mobiles instead of PCs that’ll be great.”

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