Warframe’s free Rising Tide update has players assembling their own spacecraft

Warframe’s free Rising Tide update has players assembling their own spacecraft

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Don’t you just love the breakneck pace at which Digital Extremes updates Warframe? Scarcely a year since we were hover-boarding around Fortuna, the hype is building for the free Empyrean expansion. It’s out by the year’s end but, before then, the Rising Tide update is dropping, paving the way for Empyrean.

As with all of the new content for Warfare, both of these updates are going to be totally free. Rising Tide tasks players with heading back to Tenno, the Original System, where they’ll need to head out on a quest to get their own Railjack battleship for use when Empyrean launches in December.

The Railjack is the crux of Empyrean. It’s an upgrade-able spacecraft directly inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light which can be outfitted with NPCs, custom skins, and various upgrades. This will mean some proper space-based missions in Warframe, and will be enhanced by a Nemesis-type system through which rivalries are formed.

In order to get a Railjack, players will have to build a Dry Dock, recruit an AI, and hunt down the lost Railjack technology, all in an effort to get the spacecraft ship shape and in Bristol fashion.

Warframe’s Rising Tide update will be out very shortly on PC, with Empyrean set to launch before the end of the year. Console versions of both are expected in the near future, so at some point in 2020.


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