GOG improves GOG Galaxy 2.0 with Euporie Update – Adds game stacking and mouse shortcuts

GOG improves GOG Galaxy 2.0 with Euporie Update – Adds game stacking and mouse shortcuts


While Steam and the Epic Games Store keep duking it out, GOG Galaxy 2.0 continues to sneakily get better and better in the background. They’ve just announced that Euporie Update has gone live, which is named after one of Jupiter’s moons, if you’re interested.

The Euporie Update adds a bunch of new features to GOG Galaxy 2.0, including the ability to stack duplicate games and the addition of mouse shortcuts.

We’ll start with the game stacking, which is actually a genuine issue in GOG Galaxy 2.0. One of the big new features of the GOG Galaxy client is being able to pull in all of your games from all of your clients. Now, if you’re anything like me and you buy a lot of bundles and you’ve got an itchy trigger finger, you can easily up with three or four copies of the exact same game. The only difference between them is they launch in different clients. 

With this new update for GOG Galaxy 2.0, all of these duplicates can be stacked on top of one another in your library and the one you place on top will be the default launched. It’s not a groundbreaking change but it’s a welcome one all the same as it was one of the small niggles I’ve had with GOG Galaxy 2.0 so far.

And the second change is mouse shortcuts. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now responsive to the forward and back buttons on your mouse, for example, which speeds up navigation. You can now also right click on more elements, opening up recently played games, messages from friends, and more, by right-clicking the GOG icon in your Windows taskbar. 

The update is available right now and will automatically install for those of you who’ve got GOG 2.0. Sadly, I believe GOG Galaxy 2.0 is still in a beta state at the moment so it’s invite-only. GOG has said they’re continuing to send out invites at the steady clip though, so if you register your interest then you probably won’t have too long to wait. You can sign up for the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta here.


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