What gaming bargains and gems have you discovered in the Steam Winter Sale?

What gaming bargains and gems have you discovered in the Steam Winter Sale?

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The Christmas holidays wouldn’t feel right without an obscene Steam Winter Sale. It kicked off back on December 19th and it runs all the way through until January 2nd, giving us all plenty of time too have a poke around all the biggest discounts. Two entire weeks of cheap video games, in fact. I knew studying maths at school had a purpose.

Of course, Steam isn’t the only place you can pick up gaming bargains over the holidays either. It’s surely the biggest place but there are also some massive sales taking place across the likes of GOG, Humble, GreenManGaming and the Epic Game Store, to name but a few.

By the time you’re reading this, we’re already a good few days into the Winter Sale. No doubt a fair few of you will already have lightened the loads on your wallets, grabbing a handful of games which you’ve been keeping an eye on. 

However. Uncovering the hidden gems and unsung heroes of the Steam store is a tricky process at the best of times, made even harder during sales season when it’s the same few dozen games hogging the limelight on the front page. 

Here I thought it would be decent for us to share our pick-ups and bargains we’ve discovered during the holiday sales, perhaps in the hope of shining the spotlight on some great games which many folks may have missed.

What games have you picked up during the holiday sales? Did a blow a huge chunk in your Steam wishlist, or was there something surprising which came along and grabbed your attention? Let us know!


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