Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us 2 is back from the dead

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The Wolf Among Us – Season 2

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The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fable comics, was undoubtedly Telltale Games’ secret gem. We thought all hope of the announced sequel ever seeing the light of day were extinguished when the studio shuttered and laid off its entire workforce with pretty much immediate effect.

Fear not though, for The Wolf Among Us 2 has been given the kiss of life by Prince Charming, or rather AdHoc Studio, a new outfit which has teamed up with a sort-of-reformed Telltale to deliver a sequel.

TWAU2 directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenhart, and writer Pierre Shorette all return, as do key voice actors such as Bigby Wolf’s Adam Harrinton and Snow White’s Erin Yvette.

Details, sadly, are still a little scant. We’ve got that brief teaser trailer above, as well confirmation The Wolf Among Us 2 will come to the usual consoles as well as PC, via the Epic Games Store of course. There’s no word on just how long that exclusivity deal is, nor whether publishers are now abiding by Valve’s 30-day release clause on Steam. Time will tell, we guess.

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