Asus unveils its ROG Swift 360Hz 1080p gaming monitor at CES 2020

Asus unveils its ROG Swift 360Hz 1080p gaming monitor at CES 2020


Following on from Nvidia’s announcement of 360Hz G-Sync adaptive sync technology at CES 2020, Asus has announced its all-new 360Hz capable monitor with G-SYNC technology.

ASUS has been able to team up with Nvidia ensuring the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz 1080p has the G-Sync technology that many Team Green gamers have fallen for, giving the user smooth images with minimal screen tear when enjoying their favourite titles. 

As you can probably guess from the insanely high 360Hz refresh rate, this monitor will be heavily geared towards the more competitive gamers, beating the current top-tier ASUS Swift PG258Q with its 240Hz rate, so I’m sure we’ll see this monitor making an appearance at some of the upcoming eSports tournaments this year.

If you’re not a competitive gamer and still find yourself edging towards the 360Hz statistic, well, it’s probably not going to be overly worth the inevitably sky-high price tag. To achieve the maximum performance from this new ASUS release then high-end gaming PCs are going to be the ones that have that capability, although some older eSports titles like CSGO should have easily achievable high frame rates. If you’re like me and prefer to upgrade your system piece by piece then your GPU might be the first thing you need to look at.

The design of the monitor comes from its ROG Swift predecessors, keeping the RGB aspects alive and the customization capabilities maximized. It features a large ASUS RGB logo on the back (top-right) of the monitor with a smooth matt grey casing. However, the ASUS logo is not the only RGB capability, the monitor also features a projection display on the underbelly of the monitor’s stand.

Investing into the 360Hz statistic is going to be a hill for many gamers to climb. The monitor will be expected to show its face sometime this year but with a title of “the world’s fastest monitor” you can also expect a hefty price, comparing it to the Acer Predator X32 costing $3,600, it will most likely be in the same ball park.


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