Final Fantasy VII Remake’s full intro cinematic revealed, sets tone for ecoterrorist saga

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s full intro cinematic revealed, sets tone for ecoterrorist saga

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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It’s easily forgotten in this day and age but Square Enix has long been the gold standard for cinematic cut-scenes, right from back in the glory days of the PlayStation and the early adoption of disc media. With Final Fantasy VII Remake, it looks as if they’re back with a bang.

The full five-minute opening movie for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been revealed, setting the tone for Midgar’s fall from sun-dappling metropolis to a coughing and spluttering two-tiered hellscape.

In what is still one of the standout videogame warnings of climate change, the very life-force of the planet is drained of its Mako energy by the Shinra Electric Power Company, killing the planet in pursuit of capitalist goals. It was a good job people weren’t moaning about the mere mention of politics in games media in 1997 because they’d have been frothing at the mouth about the tale of eco-terrorists sticking it to a megacorporation which wields absolute control over a puppet government. For now, Final Fantasy VII Remake at least hasn’t attracted that lot’s wrath just yet.

The moment that title card drops for the first time is a real spine-tingler. As far as remakes go, Square Enix is truly pulling no punches here. Look at this and then look at Warcraft 3: Reforged and there really is no comparison. The original FFVII is still a great game to play so just resorting to a fresh lick of paint was never going to be a massive draw; instead Square Enix has gone all-in on a total re-imagining, a move which will hopefully pay off in the long run.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to PlayStation 4 on April 10th, 2020. Sony looks to have stumped up the cash for a year of exclusivity so look out for a FFVII Remake on
PC and Xbox in April 2021.


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