Check out stunning ray tracing in 2003’s Need for Speed Underground

Check out stunning ray tracing in 2003’s Need for Speed Underground

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Need for Speed: Underground

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In another instance of giving an old game an impressively shiny new coat, YouTuber Stre1itzia has managed to add ray-tracing into the original Need for Speed: Underground from way back in 2003.

The fan favourite nocturnal racing game set in a fictional city (and surprisingly not driving around all that much underground) now looks even better as the lights reflect off the windows and wet surfaces of the road, as well as off the body of the car itself. Check out the video below:

For a game that came out 17 years ago, I’d say that looks pretty damn incredible to say the least. It’s not the prettiest (I can sure think of a few games that look better than this), but it sure as hell shows off the capabilities of what ray tracing can do.

Ray tracing is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s fun to see old games with better graphics, like remaking GTA: Vice City in Grand Theft Auto V, or Quake II RTX to name a couple. With the recent success of remakes and HD remasters like Resident Evil 2 Remake or the Final Fantasy VII Remake, we might even see reremakes that include ray tracing in the future…

To use the same analogy as earlier: it’s like putting a shiny, new coat of paint on an old car; sure it looks new, but it’s still got that some dose of nostalgia that we’re all looking for when playing our favourite old games.

What old games would you like to see with ray tracing enabled? I sure would like to see the original Deus Ex with real-time ray tracing, but let us know what your favourite picks are!

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“Most of that work is from the Redux mod, that needs texmod, then theres the widescreen mod by ThirteenAGand you could just use the HD Reflections mod by AeroWidescreen for great reflections but with next to no performance hit depending on your pc”

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