Half-Life: Alyx SteamVR Home locations released, Valve Index back in stock soon

Half-Life: Alyx SteamVR Home locations released, Valve Index back in stock soon

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I’m sure you can’t get enough of all the Half-Life: Alyx news coming out at the moment, considering that the game is just over 2 weeks away from releasing now. However you feel about the the new game, whether you like teleporting or loathe it, Half-Life: Alyx is and forever will be a VR game. And with that Valve has released some exclusive Half-Life: Alyx preview locations for your SteamVR Home (Oh, and read on for more information about when the Valve Index’s are back in stock).

I want you to think of any location from Half-Life 2, anywhere that you would personally like to visit in (virtual) reality. Got it? Okay, were you thinking of an alleyway? More specifically, an alleyway in City 17? No? Well Valve sure did! Now you can bask in the glorious shadow of the under-construction Citadel between two buildings, some cardboard boxes and maybe a rat or two.

Okay, okay, what about another location? Well this one is a bit more promising, it’s Russell’s laboratory where he helps Alyx on her mission to fight back against the combine. No dusty alleyways or looming existential presences, but maybe another rat or two.

The locations are exclusively available to Valve Index owners, so if you don’t own one yet then unfortunately you can’t access these Home areas. However if your friend has an Index they can host a SteamVR Home session so you can both check out the new environments.

You can check out and download the Home areas here.

If you were hoping to get your own hands on a Valve Index then you’re in luck, because Valve has announced they will be back in stock on Monday March 9th at 10AM Pacific time (or 5:00PM UTC).

What do you think of the environment? Have you checked them out? Did you manage to get a Valve Index before they sold out? Or will you be ordering a new one because you didn’t get the chance? Let us know!


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