Capcom looking to make more remakes in the Resident Evil franchise

Capcom looking to make more remakes in the Resident Evil franchise

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Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Oh the joys of remakes, why fix what ain’t broke you know? After the immense success that remakes have been having recently, especially the recent Resident Evil remakes, it seems that Capcom is looking into developing more makes after a user survey was discovered to be circulating in Asia regarding the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

The survey, listed on Capcom’s official Asia region website, asks several questions regarding remakes and the Resident Evil franchise. It starts off with the usual info asking for your age, sex, and location (jeez, buy me dinner first, Capcom). But then it quickly asks some more hard-hitting questions: did you play the RE3 demo? Did you intend on purchasing the game after playing the demo? And what aspects of the game attracted you to your purchase?

And then comes the main attraction; two questions that both hint at a possible new remake, and a new title in the Resident Evil franchise. The two questions in question, question this: “If a new remake title of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?” and “If a sequel of “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to purchase?”.

Not much is left for a response, only options that ask if you would purchase the game only if it was on a console you already own, wait and consider after release, no intention of purchasing them, a “I do not want to play anymore” option, and another option that sneakily asks if you would purchase the game even if it meant buying a new console.

All of this info is looking like Capcom is definitely, at least, thinking about making a new RE game in the franchise, whether it be another remake or a new major title, and possibly looking into next-gen technology like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Either way, Capcom is on a roll right now and they don’t look to be stopping the toboggan anytime soon.

What do you think? Should Capcom make another Resident Evil remake? Or do we all just want RE8? Let us know your thoughts!

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“If they do as good a job as they did with these remakes then I, for one, absolutely welcome that.”

PhenomFaz –


“Cause why create new stories, let’s just remake previous games and sell them at full price lol”

Dragos363 –


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