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Santa calorie counting

Heated debates often flare in the festive season. Fuelled by the spirit of Christmas, controversial ideas can be flung flippantly across the

What’s the most economic way to tackle obesity? Increase taxes on alcohol

We don’t often equate the kilojoules we drink in our glass of wine or pint of beer with the weight that accumulates around our middle. But our new stud

Always have room for dessert? Here’s why

You’re stuffed with cheese and olives, crackers and dips. Glazed ham, roast turkey, barbecued prawns. A million salads, roast veggies and your aunt’s

Moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with fewer hospitalizations

A study of the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention of IRCCS Neuromed (Pozzilli, Italy), in collaboration with the Department of Nutrition of the Harvard T.

Study finds differences in umbilical cord blood metal levels between urban and rural newborns

New findings from a team of Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine researchers reveal urban and rural differences in prenatal exposure to essential and toxic elemen

Consensus decision pathway developed for tobacco cessation

(HealthDay)—An expert consensus decision pathway has been developed for tobacco cessation treatment; the report was published online Dec. 5 in the Journal of

Continuity of care tied to lower expenditures, hospitalization

(HealthDay)—Continuity of care scores are significantly associated with lower expenditures and hospitalization rates, according to a study published in the N

Increase the calories you burn when walking

(HealthDay)—Walking is not only a great first exercise, it can also be a forever exercise. Here are some ideas to show you how to take it to the next level.

2017 saw slowing in national health care spending

(HealthDay)—National health care spending slowed in 2017, according to a report published online Dec. 6 in Health Affairs. Anne B. Martin, Ph.D., from the Ce

Hearing loss is a risk factor for premature death

A new study links hearing loss with an increased risk for mortality before the age of 75 due to cardiovascular disease. Researchers at the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center at

Health law sign-ups lagging as Saturday deadline is looming

Health insurance sign-ups for the Affordable Care Act are down with just a few days left to enroll, even though premiums are stable, consumer

Calories in popular restaurant chain meals ‘excessive’ warn experts

The calorie content of popular main meals served in UK and international restaurant chains is excessive and only a minority meet public health recommendations, f

Teens get more sleep with later school start time, researchers find

When Seattle Public Schools announced that it would reorganize school start times across the district for the fall of 2016, the massive undertaking took more

Large restaurant portions a global problem, study finds

A new multi-country study finds that large, high-calorie portion sizes in fast food and full service restaurants is not a problem unique to the United States

New understanding of mysterious ‘hereditary swelling’

For the first time ever, biomedical researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, report cellular defects that lead to a rare disease, hereditary angioedema (HAE)

Researchers use computer model to predict prostate cancer progression

An international team of cancer researchers from Denmark and Germany have used cancer patient data to develop a computer model that can predict the progression o

Alzheimer’s drug may help battle antibiotic resistance

Dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria could soon be targeted with a drug initially developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease. University

‘Consider a number of factors’ before buying an at-home genetic testing kit

Direct-to-consumer laboratories now offer at-home testing kits that allow individuals to mail in a saliva sample and receive a variety of genetic test results. T