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New Subtype of MS Affects Different Areas of the Nervous System

Researchers say the discovery of the subtype MCMS could lead to better treatments and more accurate diagnosis. Donated brain tissues have apparently revealed a new subtype of mult

Aretha Franklin Died from Pancreatic Cancer: Here’s Why It’s So Deadly

The Queen of Soul’s death is raising questions — and awareness — about a rare form of cancer. Getty Images On August 16, the world lost a legend when Aretha Franklin, the one and o

Something Always Smells Rotten to People with 'Phantom Odor' Ailment

About 1 in 15 people over age 40 smells odors that aren’t there. The disorder is annoying, but experts say it can also be a signal of something more serious. Getty Images Phantosmi

Having a Conversation in Baby Talk Can Speed up Infant’s Language Development

Take “turns” with your baby to build their language skills. When we see a toddler, it can be tempting to coo at them with baby talk. Our pitch goes up, our voice gets excessively

Diabetes Experts Warn Milk and Cereal Will Not Help Your Blood Sugar

A study was recently published touting the benefits of cereal and milk for people with diabetes. Critics, however, say the research is being pushed by the dairy industry. A recent

What Do Emotional Support Animals Do Exactly? For Those in Need, A Lot

Stories of exotic animals on planes can cause some to view emotional support animals negatively. But for those in need, they do make a difference. Getty Images In October 2016, a d

New Treatments for Rare Cancers Getting Quick Approval Under ‘Orphan Drug’ Process

The FDA is approving drugs for rare cancers at a record pace. Most people with these diseases are happy with the news, but there are concerns about high prices. Getty Images When A

Experts Worry Ticks Behind Disease Spread in Mexico May Come to U.S.

An outbreak of Rocky Mountain spotted fever may be on its way to the southwestern United States, but the disease already exists in parts of the country. Getty Images An ongoing out

Your Mom's Life Span and Health May Predict If You'll Live Past 90

Study looked at longevity link between mothers and daughters. Getty Images Daughters have long looked to their mothers when wondering when they’ll get gray hair and wrinkles. But

Don’t Feel Bad About Your LaCroix Habit, Seltzer Can Be Good for You

Here’s what to know about your favorite bubbly beverage. Getty Images Seltzer water seems to be making a bit of a comeback with new brands and flavors on the market. But is it actu

Breast Cancer Survivors Have A Bigger Problem After Treatment: The Cost

Even with insurance, many breast cancer survivors struggle with financial burden after treatment. Share on PinterestIllustration by Brittany England Breast cancer treatment is savi

Turning Exercise Into a Game Can Make Fitness More Fun and Effective

According to recent research, “gamifying” exercise can improve motivation and make fitness more effective at all levels. Here’s what you need to know. Illustration by Brittany Engl

MRI Tests May Help Doctors Predict MS Progression in Patients

Researchers may have figured out how to use information from these imaging tests to determine what type of multiple sclerosis may develop after an initial attack. Getty Images Rese

Another Blood Pressure Medication Being Recalled — Here’s What You Need to Know

A blood pressure medication was recalled after the wrong pills were found in a bottle. This is just a few weeks after several blood pressure drugs were recalled due to an “unexpect

New Synthetic Drug Strains Making It Difficult to Diagnose Overdoses

Experts say many of these new synthetic drugs don’t show up on blood tests, making it more difficult for medical professionals to identify an overdose. Getty Images Over the course

Experts Throw Cold Water on Study That Recommended No Alcohol

Experts say the study authors took information out of context and that moderate drinking does have some health benefits for most people. A study that went viral last week conclude

What Causes Glaucoma? Scientists May Have Finally Figured It Out

Researchers say an autoimmune response may be behind the eye pressure and vision loss that sometimes precedes a glaucoma diagnosis. Getty Images A recent discovery from researcher

How Lyme Disease Can Hurt Your Heart

Lyme disease can go on to cause heart and other complications, but preventing tick bites and early treatment of infection can reduce those risks. Photo: Getty Images Earlier this