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Cultural Routes and Experiences Make Tourism More Competitive

Iconic Route 66 sign in American desert land. (photo via pyzata / iStock / Getty Images Plus) Historic cultural routes and experiences are powerful tools that can (and shou

Are Self-Driving Hotel Rooms the Next Big Thing for Travel?

Woman sleeping in a car. (Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / metamorworks) Many of us know the struggle of trying to sleep in a car or feeling sleepy while driving, but

Cruise Into Savings This Black Friday/Cyber Monday

PHOTO: Save on cruises this holiday weekend. (Photo via travnikovstudio / iStock / Getty Images Plus) It wouldn’t be Black Friday or Cyber Monday without big savings on cru

Erratic Behavior Leads to Arrest on Flight to Newark

PHOTO: Southwest Airplane (Photo courtesy Southwest) “Erratic behavior” on a Southwest Airlines flight led to an arrest in Newark, New Jersey, on Monday night. According t

Graduate Malta Specialist Program, Earn Chance to Win New Computer

PHOTO: Crystal Lagoon, Malta. (Photo courtesy of Malta Tourism Authority) Travel agents and advisors are always looking for great destinations to sell clients, and while Ma

Japan: Train leaves station 25 seconds earlier than scheduled

A RAILWAY company has solemnly apologised to passengers for an “inexcusable” act that would probably have many Australians cheering. Lauren [email protected]_mcmah 16,

Shengshan: Fishing ghost town swallowed up by nature | Photos

WHAT was once a thriving village in China is now an abandoned spot that nature has taken back — with eerie results. AFPJune 9, 201810:30am Video Image Holiday destinations that c

Egypt hotel deaths: John and Susan Cooper killed by ‘something in room’, daughter says

THE daughter of a couple who died mysteriously on holiday insists the perfectly healthy tourists were killed by “something in their room”. 27, 201810:07am Video

New Zealand announce plan to scrap departure cards at airports

AFTER wasting 100,000 hours of our time every year, New Zealand is finally doing something it should have done a long time ago. 27, 20183:24pm Video Image The s

Surfing in Taranaki, New Zealand

LEARN about Maori culture, soak up the amazing scenery and make the most of surf-nurturing reefs as a result of the area’s volcano. By Sam VincentEscapeFebruary 22, 20132:16p

Boat race festival in Samoa

DOING a boat race with members of the island race is a great way to get involved in traditional community life, writes Kari Gislason. By Kari GislasonEscapeFebruary 22, 20132:22pm

Curtis Stone: celebrity chef adds cruising to foodie agenda

GLOBAL foodie face, Curtis Stone add the Princess Cruises line to his growing edibles empire as cruise season kicks off in Australia MELISSA 29, 20156:44

Solomon Islands: Our incredible, forgotten neighbour paradise

IT’S just a few hours away, yet this is a paradise Aussies have been missing. The good news is you won’t have to deal with hordes of tourists here. Fiona 2

Vanuatu: Ban on junk food from hotels in Torba province

THE next time you holiday in Vanuatu, don’t expect to see any M&Ms or Mars Bars in all the hotel minibars. This province is putting a ban on foreign food. 7

Queenstown, New Zealand is being loved to death by tourists

THIS small town in New Zealand is too beautiful for its own good. It’s been swamped by Australian tourists, and frankly, they’re ruining the place. Murray 9, 201

Traveller claimed $6k camera stolen in Fiji, didn’t notice errors on insurance claim

IT’S the cheeky move that many travellers have been tempted by, but it’s contributing to a $2.2 billion problem for all Australians. Lauren [email protected]_mcmah

Snow dumps at New Zealand ski resorts The Remarkables and Coronet Peak

NEW Zealand ski resorts are celebrating after two days of big snowfalls a fortnight before the ski season kicks off. Angela SaurineNews Corp AustraliaMay 31, 201311:25am SuppliedSo

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film locations boost New Zealand

HOBBIT fans are helping New Zealand to a mini-tourism boom, as they flock to the island country in search of film locations. Angela SaurineEscapeJuly 12, 20135:49pm Hobbit fans boo