Friendly Reminder About The WordPress Domain Trademark

While reading press releases about new WordPress services or plugins, I’ll occasionally discover that their website uses the full term of WordPress in their domain name. According to the domain policy, this is a violation of the WordPress trademark unless they have explicit permission. A couple days ago, I came across one such site which Read More

WPVote – Three Years Later

With gaining traction and becoming a hub of activity within the WordPress community, I reached out to Ben Gillbanks, creator of to get his thoughts on why WPVote hasn’t really seen the same adoption even though it’s been around for three years and what his thoughts are on WPVote was described by Read More

Creating A Digital Publication In WordPress With The IssueM Plugin

Built by LewAyotte, Peter Ericson, and Glenn Ansley the recently released open-source plugin known as IssueM provides publishers the opportunity to harness the ease of WordPress to turn their site into an Issue based publication. After taking a look at their showcase, I decided to try out the plugin for myself. I installed the plugin Read More

Plugin Review – Floating Social Bar

Quick Overview: Developed by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, Floating Social Bar adds a floating bar with share buttons to your content without slowing down your site. My Experience: This plugin is incredibly simple to set up. For starters, these two get bonus points for adding a settings link that is accessible from the Plugin Read More

The Daily Plugin for 07-23-2013

Welcome once again to another installment of The Daily Plugin. Today we’re pleased to see that the WordPress Plugin Repository has just hit 26,000 plugins in the index. This is quite an accomplishment! I’m grateful to all the developers out there who put in thankless days and sleepless nights creating these magnificent plugins. They can’t Read More

The Daily Plugin for 07-24-2013

Once again we thank you for joining us in another edition of The Daily Plugin, where we lift the lid off of the WordPress Plugin Repository and take a peek at the newest and most recently updated WordPress Plugins. Remember to test your plugins on a staging site before going live. Make sure that all Read More

The Daily Plugin: Launchkey, User Languages, Buy Him A Beer

It’s once again time to check out the newest and most recently updated plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository. Today we have five additions that are worth taking a closer look at. But before you install these on a live site, make sure that you properly test them on a secondary staging site first. That Read More

The Daily Plugin: Just Uno, Custom Bulk Edit, WP Bouncer

As everyone makes their way back from WordCamp SF, it’s time to get back to business with another edition of The Daily Plugin. Today we’ve got a number of plugins worth taking a second look at. Remember that these plugins are not endorsements, reviews or even a thumbs up. They are a sampling of some Read More

My First Ever WordCamp San Francisco Experience

Since I started writing about WordPress in 2007, WordCamp San Francisco has been labeled as the grandest WordCamp of them all. It’s where the first event of its kind took place which started a revolution in WordPress meetups. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to attend any WordCamps in the San Francisco until this year. The following Read More

Matt Mullenweg Participates In Reddit IAmA

Reddit plays host to events called AMA or Ask Me Anything. In this instance, Matt Mullenweg participated in a version classified as IAmA. Basically, /r/IAmA is a place to interview people, but in a new way. “IAmA” is the traditional way of beginning the description of who you are; “AMA” is the traditional way of Read More