Ryan McCue on Creating The JSON REST API for WordPress

In the not too distant future, the WordPress core is going to incorporate a powerful new API that will open new doors for the platform to be part of the interactive web. Long time WordPress hacker, Ryan McCue is busily creating a JSON REST API that will pave the way for outside applications to be Read More

How Do You Manage WordPress.com Account Use On Multiple Sites?

Here’s a fairly common scenario for WordPress users and developers. When setting up a self-hosted site for someone else, you’re usually working alone, without your client by your side. Perhaps you’re building a site for your mother or a non-profit or someone who is not technically inclined. You quickly install WordPress, apply your chosen theme Read More

WordPress To Be More Tumblr Like

What’s that sound? It’s a cannon ball being shot over the bow of Tumblr. The big discussion point over the past two days has revolved around a new feature slated to hit WordPress 3.1 called Post Formats. Otto as well as Mark Jaquith do a great job explaining what these are. To make a long Read More

Is Akismet Still Free?

The short answer is yes, it’s still free for personal use. However, over the past few weeks, it seems as though many people believe that the free use of Akismet has disappeared and it’s now only a paid service. So in order to understand where this line of thought is coming from, I decided to Read More

Review – The WP101 Plugin

The WP 101 Tutorial Plugin is a combined effort by Shawn Hesketh and Mark Jaquith. The premise of the plugin is simple, to showcase video tutorials of WordPress from within the back-end of WordPress. After using the plugin and watching a few videos, I think it delivers on all levels. A view of the player Read More

Interview With Oliver – Creator Of WPSeek.com

What was your inspiration for creating WPSeek? The first idea of wpseek wasn’t actually to create a public search engine for WordPress developers. When I finished creating a little Firefox add-on called “WordPress Helper” [1] some years back, I was using wpseek as a kind of search result page for requests made with the “WordPress Read More

bbPress RC 5 Released

John James Jacoby has announced the availability of bbPRess RC5 for public consumption which brings the release one step closer to being labeled 2.0. In RC 5 you get improved theme compatibility, BuddyPress activity stream behaviour, subscription email sending, and API tweaks for plugin authors.

New Feature Pointers Slated For WordPress 3.3

Theme.FM has a great writeup explaining one of the new features that is slated to arrive with WordPress 3.3 called Pointers. These pointers appear to show the end user some information related to a new feature. However, it looks as though in future versions of WordPress, there will be an API built around pointers which Read More

Extensive Checklist For WordPress 3.3 That All Developers Should Check

Andrew Nacin who is one of the core developers of WordPress has published an extensive field guide for developers regarding WordPress 3.3. The guide contains links to relevant articles and discussions on the WordPress developers blog such as admin bar API changes, Javascript and editor changes, Help screen along with API changes, etc. All developers Read More

WordPress GSoC 2010 Program Under Way

The 2010 Google Summer Of Code program for WordPress is just about ready for prime time. The Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. It was created in 2005 and continues to this day. Thanks to some willing students in Read More