Pretty WordPress Template Hierarchy Diagram

If there has been one graphical element that has seen some changes over the years, it’s the template hierarchy diagram. The original diagram is located on the Codex and while it provides a graphical representation as to how Templates work within WordPress, it’s not pretty. I remember in 2008 when Michael Castilla took the original Read More

Chip Bennett Hits 1,000 Theme Reviews

Just a shout out and congratulations to Chip Bennett who recently hit the 1,000 theme reviews milestone. To see each one of his reviews, check out the ongoing list on Trac for the theme repository. Thanks Chip and the rest of the review team for providing your time and knowledge to making the theme repository Read More

Video: Developing/Submitting Themes To The Repository

The following is a presentation by Chip Bennett at WordCamp Kansas City 2011. In this video, Chip Bennett explains the entire process of what it takes to get a theme hosted on the Theme Repository. Pretty awesome to see Chip go from being a vocal member on WPTavern within the past year or so Read More

WPTavern Member Spotlight – Conorp And WPKickStart

You were one of the first people to help populate the WPTavern forum when it launched. Since that day, what has your experience been like? My experience at the forum has been great. At the time of this interview I have had 490 posts, all of which have been warmly greeted and filled with enlightening Read More