The WordPress Learning Curve – How Steep Or Shallow Is It?

Before I started using WordPress in 2007, I was a Joomla enthusiast. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. You could (and still can) control where and when certain modules would show up, there was an active community and a bunch of plugins along with themes to choose from. It was’nt the Read More

Backup Buddy Is A Home Run

It’s exciting times for the guys over at iThemes as they have finally launched their commercial plugin store, PluginBuddy. PluginBuddy is a seperate entity of iThemes whereas iThemes concentrates on themes while PluginBuddy is strictly commercial plugins. Just like iThemes, the plugins on will be licensed under the GPL. The launch comprises of a Read More

Review Of Traction Pro By The Theme Foundry

At A Glance: Traction is a 2 column theme with three different sidebars for widgets. This particular theme features post thumbnail support, a featured post slider, and a nice looking color scheme composed of dark gray, light gray, and blue. The Theme Foundry is owned and operated by Drew Strojny and is the successor to Read More

Steps To Diagnose And Repair The Pharma Hack

Chris Pearson who’s personal site recently became infected with the Pharma Hack which took advantage of his sites popularity and back-links to cloak spam links in Google results has published an in depth piece on how to diagnose and fix the problem. Chris goes into detail into what the hack does and how to use Read More

Use The Media Library Or Hand Code? have released the poll results from January when they asked their audience, How Do You Use The WordPress Media Library? Interesting results to say the least. 30% of voters stated they loved the media library and used it for all media content. Following closely behind was the occasional use for uploading and editing media. Read More