Shortcode Suggest Helps You Discover Shortcodes in WordPress

If you’re like me, you can never remember the shortcodes you have active on your WordPress site. This inevitably leads you to stop what you’re doing and hunt down the documentation for the feature you’re attempting to use. This is especially true when it’s a shortcode that can be configured with multiple attributes. What if Read More

Uncensoring The Web With RePress

A brand new plugin released by GreenHost aims to make censoring the web next to impossible. It’s called RePress and turns any WordPress powered website it’s installed on into a proxy server. The plugin was created in response to being blocked within the Netherlands due to a court ruling. Header Image As Seen On Read More

1&1 Click And Build Installer Practically Useless

I received an email the other day from a concerned 1&1 customer informing me that their one-click application installer does not allow WordPress to be automatically upgraded. I sent the following email to 1&1 sales department to figure out why it’s set-up that way. If I understand this correctly, the one click installer for WordPress Read More

The Daily Plugin for 07-24-2013

Once again we thank you for joining us in another edition of The Daily Plugin, where we lift the lid off of the WordPress Plugin Repository and take a peek at the newest and most recently updated WordPress Plugins. Remember to test your plugins on a staging site before going live. Make sure that all Read More

The Daily Plugin “Power Stacks” – My Shortcodes with Random Text

Today I am going to start what I hope is a semi-regularly occurring feature segment of The Daily Plugin series called “Plugin Power Stacks” where I will show a “Trick” or “Hack” for a few plugins that work together to get some added functionality out of your WordPress installation, whether that be in content creation, Read More

WordPress Projects Still In Huge Demand

The largest search engine for work-from-home and freelance jobs DoNanza has released their quarterly State of the Work-From-Home and Freelancing Economy trends report. Based on their findings, WordPress is still the king when it comes to demand for use in projects as it had six times the amount of projects when compared with Joomla and Read More

WordPress, Disqus, And Spam Comments

If you use the third-party commenting system Disqus, you’ll want to read the following post by In the post, Antti explains that although you can mark comments as spam which are then removed from view in Disqus, the comments are not removed from the WordPress database. Therefor, even though the comments are not in Read More

VideoPress Now Supports HTML 5 Video Playback

This is the moment every VideoPress user has been waiting for. On March 9th, it was announced on the official VideoPress blog that the service now supports the HTML 5 video format. VideoPress now supports HTML5 playback in supporting browsers without Flash playback support. Low-power devices such as smartphones can now play MP4 (H.264 video, Read More

Interview With Thord Daniel Hedengren

How many of you are familiar with the name, Thord Daniel Hedengren? Thord is a veteran member of the WordPress community and over the past few years, we’ve seen him develop and release free themes, write a couple of books about WordPress and generally, just be a well rounded individual when it comes to the Read More