Summer Internship Projects Announced

Over the past few years, WordPress has made it a tradition to take part in the Google Summer Of Code. This year however, thanks to Jane Wells, there will be two interns from the Gnome Outreach Program for Women. This program is organized by the GNOME Foundation to encourage more women to get involved with Read More

New Forum For WordPress Meetup Organizers

Earlier today, there was a new section of the forums created specifically for meetups. In the announcement post, Jane Wells explained what the purpose of the forum was. This forum is the first step toward helping to facilitate local WordPress meetups. Some meetups are specific to skill/interest (users, developers, theme designers, etc) while Read More

Andrea Middleton Now Managing WordCamp Central

WordCamp Central is now managed by Andrea Middleton instead of Jane Wells. Within the post, Jane mentions that she will take on more of an advisory role while Andrea will be handling all of the management activities associated with the position. According to the facts presented within the introduction post, it certainly seems as though Read More

Jane Wells Publishes Results Of WP 3.3 Pre-Beta User Feedback

If you’re curious into how some of the decisions are made regarding the UI/UX area of WordPress, definitely check out this post by Jane Wells on the WordPress Developers Prologue site where she explains the results of her tests using WordPress 3.3 pre-beta. Also worthy of note is the discussion within the comments regarding the Read More

Recaps From The WordPress Core Team Meetup

The annual WordPress core team meetup has concluded and thanks to Jane Wells, we are able to read into some of the things that were discussed during the meetup. I highly encourage you to read the first recap post and then read recap number 2. It’s these types of meetings where I wish I could Read More

Help Me Cleanup The Ideas Forum

For those of you that have been following me on Twitter, I’ve referenced the ideas forum quite a bit. I’ve been keeping it under wraps because there was less of a chance of running into people responding to the same ideas but since Jane Wells has made the work more public today, (Highly appreciated by Read More

Violet, WordPress 3.0 And Jane Wells

In this special interview with Jane Wells from WordCamp Raleigh, we discuss the prospects of WordPress 3.0. We also have a good discussion revolving the new menu system, including the question I’ve had since Beta 1 and that is, why bother going with Woo Nav if at the end of the day, there is little Read More

How VideoPress Bit Me

Recently, I’ve been uploading video files to When uploading the files, I’ve generally kept the default naming scheme provided by the Flip Camera. On my machine, there were two different video files with a similar name but different extensions, video-4.mp4 and The .mov file was the interview with Jane Wells while the .MP4 Read More

Jane Wells Is Not So Bad

Jayvie Canono who operates the blog has published his personal encounter with Jane Wells during WordCamp Raleigh. Upon the announcement of the revised WordCamp Guidelines, Jay was one of the vocal opponents with a number of good questions. Jane responded to those questions in a comment which is all Jay needed. I’ve got to Read More

WooThemes Has And Will Continue To Get Credit

I have no idea what the reasoning is behind the following post but David Perel seems to think that WooThemes needs to be given more credit for their contribution to WordPress 3.0 in the form of their WooNav system. If we rewind back to when the announcement was made that WordPress would finally have a Read More