WordPress.com To Self Hosted For 99 Bucks

Just a few days ago, Automattic launched a new plugin pack called Jetpack which takes some of the best features of WordPress.com and puts them into plugin form to be used on self hosted WordPress sites. Today, Automattic announced that they are now offering a Guided Transfer service which will enable WordPress.com users to easily Read More

Who’s Right? Network Solutions Or Matt

I haven’t had the time to write about much WordPress news lately but after reading the post published on the WordPress developer blog regarding Network Solutions, it might have been for the best. There have been a number of WordPress based sites hosted on Network Solutions that have had their databases compromised but overall, the Read More

Network Solutions Admits WordPress Is Not At Fault

Network Solutions has finally published a post on their blog that not only shows them accepting responsibility for what happened to their customers websites, but they also explain that WordPress was not the cause of the issue. Recently, our customers have complained about malicious code on certain of their blogs hosted by Network Solutions. This Read More

Sucks To Be A Network Solutions Customer Right Now

If I were operating Network Solutions right now, I’d be on my knees begging for mercy. Browsing through my feedreader today, I came across a post on ComputerWorld.com mentioning that customers hosted on Network Solutions.com have been attacked again. This time, it’s not targeted at WordPress users. Sucuri Security Labs has the most detailed information Read More

GoDaddy Hacks Due To Old Software – Bad Passwords

Over the weekend, numerous users on GoDaddy shared webhosting accounts reported that their sites had been hacked with injected malware. Neowin.net was able to get a hold of GoDaddy’s security expert Todd Redfoot who explained what happened: GoDaddy reassures customers that the attack was via WordPress and not an attack on the GoDaddy servers themselves. Read More