Status Update On WordPress 3.3

According to the revised project schedule, WordPress 3.3 beta 1 is expected to be released sometime on Friday, October 7th. Ryan Boren has published a list of things on the to-do list in order to get WordPress 3.3 to beta status.

WordPress Dev Chat For 3-11-10

Status check up first The UI group is tackling a few design things while Jane is performing some testing at South By South West. After the testing is completed, all lingering UI will be done for WordPress 3.0. Ryan Boren stated that themes needed to be finished in the GUI, land the big menu patch Read More

WordPress Dev Chat For 4-22-10

Menus Filosofo has submitted his patch for the menu system. A few fixes are needed but it’s mostly there and looks like wireframes. They also work without javascript. The list of to-dos remaining for the menu system are a couple of things involving Ajax and some Internet Explorer stuff. The menu patch needs to be Read More

MattNote From WordCamp San Francisco

Beginning of the keynote, Matt reflects on the beginning of WordPress and how it came about from b2. How WordPress has grown is far from what it was in the beginning. 10% Rule. Everyone only uses 10% of the features in software but everyone has a different 10% Plugins turn this idea around. Hello Dolly Read More