Toni Schneider Interviewed On TechCrunch TV

Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic was recently interviewed on TechCrunch TV. In the interview, they discussed the new vertical launched on for restaurants. There were a couple of things within this interview that I found fascinating. The first is that across the Automattic network which includes sites such as PollDaddy, Gravatar, VaultPress and, Read More

Toni Schneider – Automattic As A Distributed Work Force

  Last Friday, I took some time out my day to watch Toni Schneider, CEO Of Automattic give a presentation on working as a distributed company. His talk was part of a series called Secrets Of Silicon Valley presented by CreativeLive. Unfortunately, I can’t embed Toni’s presentation because it’s now part of the $199 package Read More Gets A Trophy Case – Is Next?

Automattic employee Isaac Keyet published an interesting tweet yesterday that showed off a Trophy case that was custom made. The trophy case displays all of your achievements on and looks like the following. I find this to be particularly interesting because I remember Toni Schneider saying in a presentation or in an interview, Read More Blogs To Get More Advertising

Federated Media in partnership with Automattic has signed a deal to sell advertising to potentially 25 million websites spread across This isn’t the first time the two have partnered up as FM and Automattic have been launching a series of websites for specific subjects such as FoodPress and EcoPress. This deal presents Federated Media Read More

Toni Schneider From The Freemium Summit

Back on March 11th, I mentioned that Toni Schneider would be one of the guest speakers at the Freemium Summit held in San Francisco on March 26th. The summit focused on the freemium business model. That is, offering a free service with the chance to upgrade and that upgrade costing money. While GigaOm has a Read More

Automattic Launches VaultPress – No BackupBuddy Killer

The biggest news of the week so far in the WordPress world happened yesterday when Automattic launched a new service called VaultPress. Instead of explaining what VaultPress does, Matt Mullenweg published a comment on Techcrunch that sums it up nicely. It can handle any amount of stuff. For example my site ( has about 30,000 Read More