Why Aren’t Post Formats In WordPress More Popular?

No, Post Formats haven’t gone anywhere but theme support and their use appear to be waning. Joyce Grace over at ManageWP.com has published a great article that explores some possibilities as to why the feature is not being used, why we might see the feature make a comeback, and the SEO issues surrounding them. Outside Read More

Top 10 Free WordPress Blogging Themes From January 2014

January has been a rocking month in the world of WordPress themes. With everyone kicking off their blogs for 2014, we’ve seen a gaggle of pure blogging themes released this month. If you’ve neglected your blog, it’s not too late to get started. You haven’t missed the boat. Find a new theme that inspires you Read More

Trend: More People Getting Commit Access To The Core of WordPress

It wasn’t long ago when I could count the number of core WordPress committers on one hand. These days, it’s hard to keep track of who does and doesn’t have access. In fact, some developers are getting temporary access for release cycles to work on specific features. I remember in 2010, community member DD32 or Read More

Basic Guide On Creating Plugin UI

Daniel Immke has published his own primer on using native user interface elements for the administration of plugins. By following his basic primer, you’ll be on your way to creating a plugin that looks and functions as if it were a part of the core of WordPress which is what plugin developers should be aiming Read More

Interesting Take From A Female Developer

This past weekend, I gave my first ever solo talk on WordPress development, with just a hint of UI love. I’ve taught classes on web/digital media and talk to/perform in front of lots of people all the time, but this was my first ever “stand up in front of a room of geeks and go”. Read More

What Developers Should Know About WordPress 3.5

Oneextrapixel.com has a list of things that WordPress developers will need to know about concerning WordPress 3.5. However, end users are able to pick up a few things as well, especially the part about settings changes. According to the site, the admin page dedicated to Privacy settings has disappeared. The options on that page have Read More

Complete Guide To Contributing To WordPress

Siobhan McKeown has published what many in the community are calling the most thorough, researched, guide on contributing to WordPress. Articles like these pop up from time to time because the WordPress project is ever-evolving. Just a few years ago, contributing to the WordPress project outside of writing code was not as straightforward as it Read More

MP6 Is Like Eye Candy

I’ve taken the MP6 plugin for a test drive and so far, my eyes love what they see. MP6 is an experimental plugin for testing out new ideas for the various UI elements that are within WordPress. My first reaction after activating the plugin was, WOW. The textual elements on the screen instantly became easier Read More

Reserving Judgment On Ghost

While reading an article on WPLift about Ghost by Nathan B Weller there were a couple of points brought up that I thought would make for a good discussion. One of the issues deals with the attractiveness of the WordPress back-end. Additionally, the drawbacks of the WordPress platform do not stop at its growing complexity. Read More